DevelStudio CE released.

31.1.2016 921 views ;)

Today DevelStudio CE released. Author: Alexey Kotov


New features:

  • new examples
  • new design of some forms
  • new components (see below)
  • compile to HTML !
  • decompile EXE files created in DevelStudio (without protectors)

This is view in Form editor:

this is view of compiled project to EXE:


this is view in Firefox browser:

Very interesting to lookin source generated HTML:

events fails, pure HTML today only.

New Components:

  • Google voice
  • Skin Manager
  • TListView
  • ColorBox
  • TIB Image Button
  • TSynEdit
  • TStringGridMod
  • MultiButton
  • ProgressBarEx
  • TSock
  • ScrollingString
  • Clicker
  • WinAPI
  • Server
  • Color
  • FlatButton

most wanted component for me: TSynEdit.



I like bugs.. maybe I’m stupid, but it let me contact to authors.

  • generated HTML havn’t DOCTYPE
  • font not the same


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