My Virus detector online.

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Some month ago I was wrote virus detector. I called it It was writen on Perl and can mass scan filesystem and check files (php) for backdoors and viruses. I was hunted on particular instance, but I was found match more modifications of it. Backdoor has some encrypted strings in each .php file and never repeat. My script excellent detect all infected files, and it was clean.

Long time ago miracle happen, and rewriten to PHP and hosted as microsrvice: jkeks virus detector (JVD).

Algorithm is detect in source of internet page enrypted strings. Encrypted strings may be like base64 or another. It is of cause not 100% detect real virus or backdoor, but it may be very strange that source have encrypted things. It is abnomally, and need your attention.

How to detect virus or backdoor on your site  ?

Paste any URL of your site and press button “Check It”. You will receive an answer.

Is it FREE ?


Is there mass check tool ?

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