Rapid PHP Windows desktop development intro.

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Hello peoples !

Today I glad to talk about rapid PHP development. Rapid PHP development is separeta to some parts:

  1. Web development
  2. server administration
  3. desktop GUI development
  4. and Mobile dev

This article focus on Desktop GUI development. You may know that PHP is not oriented on Desktop programming. But there is some way to make it:

  1. tideSDK
  2. PHP Nightrain – this like WebDevelopment. Run as WebBrowser and match thing work as HTML pages with JavaScript
  3. use some classes for Win32 devs
  4. DevelStudio

If you dont know DevelStudio is realy simple way to make Windows application (.exe). Thats is so simple like you work in delphi or VisualStudio but strictly.
DevelStudio no more support. That is never mind, because for prototyping applications that is really ready.

I was starting work with it when DevelStudio is supported yet, but then it died. Today i made more than 10 full worked apps thats I use in real life. It help me automate wotk with articles, blogs, collaborating and just utilites.
I dont need more :

  1. delphi
  2. AutoHotKeys
  3. c#
  4. JScript

Desktop developmet so fast that i never were have been.
And PHP make my life cool.

Try to know more about it. DevelStudio has no site with actual news, but http://develok.ru only in Russian. Yes, DevelStudio is full Russian app. But I try to publish news about it cool shit.

Official site is: http://develstudio.ru/.
Download link: http://develstudio.ru/downloads/

Good luck

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