Choose sites for random number generator.

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Random number generators

Lets show, which there were sites about Random Number Generators.

First look at Wikipedia:

  • 1 Practical applications and uses
  • 2 “True” vs. pseudo-random numbers
  • 3 Generation methods
    • 1 Physical methods
    • 2 Computational methods
    • 3 Generation from a probability distribution
    • 4 By humans
  • 4 Post-processing and statistical checks
  • 5 Other considerations
  • 6 Low-discrepancy sequences as an alternative
  • 7 Activities and demonstrations
  • 8 Backdoors
  • 9 In popular culture
  • 10 See also
  • 11 References
  • 12 Further reading
  • 13 External links

There is nothing interesting in table Of contents.

Lets look at real generators: is most of the famous site. There is nothing interesting.. small form, strange..

one more stupid interface for random generate.

ha ha.. who do that shit..flexible and no trust for it

EMD domain.. but bad site for generate. Not comfortable.. Bad, very bad.

haa.. Flash version of random number. No one mobile user see it. Generator is bad.

who do it ? that services look like nothing.

what for that’s menues, buttons, blocks.. I need only Random Number generator..

And nothing more



And last site is:

Thats real random nuber generator because:

  • Choose range
  • No need reload page for new generate
  • List of generated numbers
  • Copy url for generated number
  • Copy list of generated numbers
  • No menues, no banners
  • Cool design


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