jDone – jobs log for your sites

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jDone – a program that will not only help keep the Job Log, but also add new tasks..

  1. – input field tasks
  2. – tasks
  3. – completed tasks (last at buttom)

Features jDone:

  1. minimalism
  2. instant reaction to the challenge of the program jDone
  3. you don’t need internet or build-in brouser, etc.
  4. all the information is kept in text files
  5. searching in logs in your favourite text editor using  illuminator you like
  6. you can work using ONLY keyboard if you want

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jDone helps do 2 tasks:

    1. accounting tasks that are  already made. You’ve got special Logbook

planning tasks

Special for you scheduler is not big. It has not difficult hierarchy. All this is made to get the GOAL: Concentrate on maintaining the completed tasks.

The program has got several hot keys:

  1. F1 – open my window
  2. Enter (input field) – keep written text in joblog with date
  3. Down (input field) – Send text to input field where you find tasks which must be done
  4. Minus (listbox field) – delete task from the list
  5. ESC – hide program in trey

jDone vs Wonderlist

Just read the advantages of  jDone and everything will be clear. You can refuse Wonderlist at all.

Here you can find examples of tasks I use:

  1. Changes in ad units, their types and design
  2. Testing of new advertisers, affiliate program, traffic purchases, changes in the settings, etc.
  3. Technical changes to the site, adding and removing plug-ins, widgets
  4. Placement of new materials (if online publication occurs infrequently), delete or change old materials
  5. Adding or disable features on the site
  6. Notes about buying links
  7. Raising new site
  8. etc.

 You can write all the tasks you must do in jDone. And you can do it easily. If you’ve got problems with your traffic or something else, you can analyze all the tasks you’ve done with jDone. And understand what is wrong. Or what is better to change. All tasks will be saved.

One more advantage of jDone:

you can ANALYZE what you HAVE DONE and what you ARE GOING TO DO. And you can EASILY change it.

jDone will HELP you to plan and GET ANY GOAL !

Watch this video about how to use jDone:

Program Installation

The program has not installer and don’t autorun. If you want to get autorun, you can do it yourself. As you run the program you can use F1 to show jDone.

Program Requirements

The program work with any Windows. It doesn’t need internet. All the logs will be kept in the same folder in text file.

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