Is there Visual PHP GUI IDE ?

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You want to easy visual write GUI ?

You want IDE for create binary tools for Windows ?

Thats simple.. Our Russian brothers (Dim-s) create cool IDE: DevelStudio

Features DevelStudio is:

  • small size install file (30 mb)
  • full base of components: listbox, inputs, labes
  • kill feature is build component Chromium
  • write code on real PHP 5.3


Bad news is that:

  • DevelStudio today no more supported, but this is nonsense. DevelStudio with some bugs work perfectly, and I self everyday work with it.
  • Support only Windows platforms, work well as on XP and Windows 10.
  • This is Russian first, and default language is Russian.. but it’s easy to correct

dont think that is no more supported like DevelStudio not working more. Vise versa ! When you understand how to work with it, and know all small bags, you may work fast and comfortable. Nothing will change more =)

For geeks I want to tell that DevelStudio write on Delphi+PHP. Big part of DevelStudio wrote on PHP, and we can edit it. Because many Russian peoples made fork and extend DevelStudio. new names is DevelStudio ME, DevelStudio CM, ..

Author of DevelStudio (Dim-s) today work on another one IDE, called DevelNext. DevelNext – cool too and it work on Linux,Windows and MacOS, but real PHP was loosed. There no more lovely PHP. There are JPHP. JPHP – is looks like PHP first, but not compatible. And JPHP is another language, witch more looks like Java, but it’s not.


Thats. I want to tell more:

IMHO, best prototyping applications for Windows is DevelStudio  (not Delphi for PHP, not DevelNext and etc).


I will tell you how to work with DevelStudio in next posts


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